Friday, January 8, 2010

Intimacy with GOD

Our church is on a fasting & prayer journey. As inspiration I have been reading works by Jentzen Franklin. This one struck a chord in my heart because I often weigh myself and find wanting... (May HIS face shine upon you)

Day 5

We need to understand that GOD has not put guilt and condemnation on us. Condemnation interferes with intimacy. When you are trying to get close to GOD, you will always hear a voice that is trying to condemn you. That is not GOD’s voice. It is an amazing thing if you can ever shed that guilt and that condemnation and realize that HE loves you. You don’t have to do anything to deserve it except accept HIM and HE will become intimate with you.

God began to talk to me about understanding that it is not works, it is grace. We are not to function and do what we do out of condemnation. I am bad about saying, “I’ve got to reach souls. I’ve got to reach souls. I’ve got to reach souls. I’ve got to reach souls.” The LORD said, if you are not careful that becomes condemnation. When you get to feeling bad if you do not do more, more, more, more. That is not of ME. As a matter of fact, rest is of me. The Word of the LORD to you today is enter into MY rest. Get out from under all that condemnation and guilt. My grace is sufficient for you. I have all that you need today. Grace gives you the power to shed all of that guilt and condemnation.

Do you know HE was there when you were born? Do you know HE was in that room when you came forth? HE is the one that stands and says, “I give you all that I have. All that I require of you is that you be obedient and love me with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength.” Do not love what I give you. Do not love success. Do not love things, love ME.

Stay intimate with ME!

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