Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hudson's perspective

On Sunday we were driving to church as normal when I found great enjoyment in Hudson’s random perspectives.

“Mom, do you remember that show where the lady says, ‘Watch the road.’ Then she yells, ‘Sheep!’ And her mouth falls down the hill?”

It took me a minute to connect the dots in my head and then I was amazed at his memory. For a good chuckle, check out this commercial on you tube. That had to make you smile!

Hudson melts my heart. He finds simple things fascinating. Bubbles. Swings. Gum. Matchbox cars. Tents. Nana & Poppy bought him a tent for Christmas and it currently holds center stage in his room. It is difficult getting to his bed, getting to his closet, getting to his dresser, getting to the toy box, but He loves it.

Hudson embodies the stereotype of little boys. His Aunt Marenda, Uncle Steven and Madison bought him a box of Trio blocks that make a fire station for Christmas. We built the fire station once. I thought it was super cool with a working pole for the fire fighter to slide down. Hudson smashes the fire station with glee and now all of the pieces end up clicked together to make weapons. Weapons that cover the gamut; hand gun, machine gun, light saber.

Perspective. Wow! Perfect timing. Hudson, for the last few minutes, has been bringing me cracker packets leftover from his dad’s Wendy’s chili to open. I have been making funny faces at him as I open the packets and he returns the favor. One of these faces is his infamous cheesy grin.

Just now he told me this, “That’s why you are so nice and beautiful. And I want to dance with you.”

Where does he get these things? His mind sponges information from everything in his surroundings. At times I am afraid of what might come out next. Yet, anticipation and expectation are constant companions too. He brings such joy. My heart overflows with thanks that GOD would entrust such a precious gift to Timothy and I.

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  1. This blog made my eyes get wet..... Yes, he is all boy - but there is a sweetness in him. These pictures remind me of such a special time we had with all of you camping in our beautiful Clarks Fork! And in so many of them, he reminds me of his dad as a child! Thank you for sharing!