Tuesday, January 19, 2010

day seventeen


Day 17

I just dropped by today to tell you that in this room today, in every life, in every problem, in every home, in every marriage, with every child, with every circumstance that you know GOD has made promises over, but presently you are not seeing them, the worst thing you can do is open up your mouth. Open your mouth and begin to talk doubt, negative, unbelief, it is not going to happen and speak the things that are opposite of GOD’s WORD.

There is a victory unfolding in your home, in your church, in your finances, in your future, in your children and the best thing you can do is the only time you need to open your mouth is when you say, “Thank YOU, LORD. Thank YOU, LORD that YOU are going to work it out. Thank YOU, LORD that victory is unfolding in my life.” And other than that, be quiet! There is a victory in progress.

Because we whine and complain and talk ourselves out of everything that GOD is trying to do in our lives. GOD already had homes built that they would live in. Already had vineyards that they had not planted. Already had wells that they had not dug. (Children of Israel) I am telling you that GOD has already prepared things in the situation you are so concerned about. When you get frustrated and it seems like it is not happening, that does not mean it is not – Even if you cannot see it. Even if you are not aware of it be quiet! There is a victory in progress,

If you will not talk yourself out of GOD’s will.

Wow! This came at the right time. Timothy has been speaking to NLBC about our perspective. Shanell has been teaching a class on positive speaking based on Joy Haney's book. GOD knows exactly when we need more reinforcement. Learning is repetition! GOD knew that I needed the reminder today not to disrupt HIS will be being negative, but claim the positive promises HE has for me. Whooo! I feel great.

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