Monday, January 18, 2010

day fifteen

Day 15

There is an amazing story in the Old Testament. In 2 Samuel 14, it talks about a time when Absolom, because of past sin, did not feel comfortable being at home with his father, David. Because he had sinned so bad. The Bible says that finally there came a time when he returned back home. And it said, and Absolom dwelt two full years in Jerusalem but he saw not the king’s face. Now, the king was his father. Think about this, he is living in the same city as his father the king. For two whole years he was in the city, but he never went into the throne room and saw his father’s face.

I believe that describes many people in the church who because of past sins feel like second class Christians. They are in the city, which is the church, but they never enter into the throne room and feel qualified and worthy enough to go face to face and be restored and reconciled back to their Father.

On this fast, as you fast and pray, GOD says I do not want you in a distant relationship. Knowing you are in the church, but you really do not enter in with ME. I want you to come from outside the church and move into the holy place where I am. On this fast, I will release you from your past sins.

In JESUS Name!

How often to we cripple ourselves holding on to past sin? Do you truly believe in forgiveness? Do we believe that GOD will hold to HIS Word and forgive when we ask? Too often we usurp HIS position in our lives and do not forgive ourselves. Holding onto sin keeps us from GOD. Don't you want to be close to HIM? I do!

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