Wednesday, January 13, 2010

day eleven

Day 11

People of GOD I need you to do something one more time. I want you to join hand and I need you to pray for this pastor and his family. I need you to pray for all our pastors and their precious families. I feel like I am carrying a load on my shoulders and I need some Aarons and Urs.

Aarons and Urs who will rise to the occasion and say, “Pastor, I have got you in the secret place covered. When you go preach this week to the world I have you covered in the private place. You go do the public stuff, I am interceding up under the pulpit.”

Hold those hands up. I receive your prayers tonight with an open heart tonight.

Would you pray for every ministry? Would you pray for every pastor?

You know one thing that has blessed me, Chad? I have heard my children as we get out of the car they pray. I do not know what you taught them, but they pray for their pastors. My children, every one of them, are praying for their pastors. We have to pray for our pastors! I think that is incredible. There is someone you love that is on staff and you are connected to them. Pray for them! Pray for their wives. Pray for their precious children. In JESUS Name.

I impart to you a spirit of prayer. You are here this night by divine appointment. I impart to you a spirit of prayer. Prayer should not be a weary thing. Prayer is the greatest part of my day. Prayer is what I live for. It is the most favorite part of my day. Everything else is secondary. Everything else is lackluster to me after I come out of my prayer place in the morning. If I could I would stay there most of the day. It is where I find peace. It is where I find confidence.

It is where I find security.

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