Sunday, January 24, 2010

day twenty one

Day 21

So he said, again I am saying unto you, the kingdom of heaven is like a treasure that is hidden in a field. In John 4 He identifies this field. It is the story of the woman who had been married four times and divorced four times and she gave up on marriage and was living with number five. Then she met JESUS at the well. She got so changed that she went back to the same city running through the streets and saying come see the man! Come see the man that told me all things that I have ever done. The Scripture said the whole city came out to meet JESUS with her.

As they were coming, the commentaries, the historians said, that they would have been wearing white clothes. That was the regular garb of the Samaritans. They would have been wearing white. See this mental picture – This woman who has been married four times, living with number five and she says I have found number six. Come see the man. They all were curious, saying let’s go see who the new one is in her life. They all follow her out and they all are in white robes.

At that moment, JESUS whirls around and says to HIS disciples – who had just come from that same city and all they brought JESUS was a happy meal. Read it. All they brought was lunch. That is what it said, they picked up some food and brought it to JESUS. Same city.

Here comes a woman with a spirit of evangelism because she just experienced living water. She has the whole city coming out and they are dressed in white robes.

JESUS whirled around and said to his disciples, “Look! The harvest is plenteous. Look, the field is white already to be harvested.” Do not say in four months, it is now. It is here. This is the moment. It is ready. It is white unto harvest. The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hid in a field. When a man finds it he takes and sells everything he has – listen to what HE said – he buys not the treasure, he buys the whole field. Because the treasure is in the field but you cannot just have the treasure of the kingdom.

You have got to buy the whole field.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

day twenty

Day 20

I believe that as we fast and we pray, fasting is waiting on GOD. Fasting is waiting on GOD.

But those who wait for the Lord’s help find renewed strength;

they rise up as if they had eagles’ wings,

they run without growing weary,

they walk without getting tired.

Isaiah 40:31 (NET)

Fasting is waiting on the LORD. The thing that I heard the LORD say in my spirit is when you fast this year I am going to give people back their wings.

There are two kinds of people that need wings. People who have been devastated. Something has happened that has crushed their hopes and devastated their dreams. It feels like their lives can never be put back together. GOD says if you will wait on ME in this fast I will give you back your wings. You can soar above your problems. You can uncage yourself from every limitation of the enemy. I will give you the power to soar again. You have lost your wings, you have been devastated but I am going to give people their wings back.

Then there is a second kind of person who is fighting for their dream. They are trying and doing everything to work to make it happen. They cannot get it off the ground. Have you ever seen a bird that tried to fly but could not get off the ground? That is how some people are with their ministry, or with their calling, or with their business, or with their purpose, or with that marriage. They are trying and fighting for it but they just can’t get it off the ground. GOD says I am going to give you the power of the wings. I am going to give you your wings. If you wait on ME during this 21 day fast I will give you your wings back. You are going to soar. What you could not get off the ground…

It is going to soar again!

This reminds me of Timothy preaching at the beginning of the year about how NLBC is going to see healing this year. Healing physically, spiritually, emotionally. GOD wants us to be whole. HE wants to touch not only our spirits, but everything about us. HE wants us to be overcomers and how can we do that if we are hurting? GOD has greater plans for us than we even imagine (Jer. 29:11).

When I look back over how far GOD has brought us in 2009 it thrills my heart to think about what HE is going to do in 2010. I have learned to trust more. I have learned to bask in HIS grace more. I have learned that ALL things work together for the good. I am working on continually renewing my mind to be more like CHRIST. I have relearned to give thanks in EVERY situation. GOD is amazing and HE has blessed me abundantly. But, it is not over!! HE has greater things mapped out for my life in 2010. In JESUS Name!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am so proud of myself! (does this sound conceited? I do not mean it that way) Photoshop and programs like it scare me! I am pretty confident in my artistic abilities, but I scare easily in the face of new situations. I scare easily in the face of the unknown. So, you can imagine when I open a new computer program - I freeze! I panic! I run in the other direction!

Guess what?!!? I conquered my fear; at least this once. For this fairly small project. :o) I created a custom header for my blog. The original template was provided by If you are looking to update the look of your blog please look at shaggyblogs. There are beautiful, artistic elements to feast your eyes upon.

p.s. this super cool handwriting font is from another blog Another superb place to learn, feast your eyes, and share!