Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wink, wink

Timothy, Hudson & I were having a splendid, leisurely lunch at Paradise Bakery last Tuesday. I was thrilled because I had not been there in quite some time and they have the best chicken salad sandwich. Yum! Timothy surprised me when he picked Paradise for lunch (thank you, Sweetie).

To the good part (other than my delicious sandwich).........

Hudson was eating his yummy looking lunch of mac'n'cheese, chopped fruit and cookie. I was sitting there puffed up with pride as I watched him eat his fruit first. Hudson was licking his lips and enjoying every bite. He started eating the pineapple pieces when he said,

"This fruit makes me wink."

I tried to chuckle to myself, not look at Timothy, and smoothly say, "Hudson, what did you say?"

He replied, "this fruit makes me wink."

I still chuckle when I think about it. How did I end up with such a cute kid? GOD, thank YOU for this incredible blessing YOU placed in our lives.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

GOD's Christmas Tree

Timothy's message this morning shed a new light on Christmas trees. No wonder I like them! We had 57 or so as decorations for our wedding - evergreen trees with white lights. Evergreen trees with white lights create a warm glow better than candlelight. And I like candlelight. Timothy told us this morning that the first Christmas Tree belonged to Martin Luther.

Martin Luther was inspired walking through the woods while the stars shone down through the branches of the trees. He decorated a tree with candles to help illustrate GOD's beauty to his children. As a parent, that inspires me.

Then Timothy talked to us about the first Christmas tree - the Cross. Christ, the Light of the World, was hung on a tree for our sins. I will never look at Christmas trees the same way again. I want Hudson to know about the most beautiful Christmas Tree.

Mom & Dad Sully are over visiting tonight. Mom went to the mailbox (they still have mail coming to our address from when they stayed with us). Hudson wanted to go with her, but did not have his shoes on. I put my slippers on, wrapped Hudson in his Lightning McQueen blanket and carried him outside. We were admiring the neighbors Christmas lights and the 5 little trees in our front yard. Out of my thankful, overflowing heart I told Hudson about the first Christmas Tree. What a special moment.

:O) wait until next year - I might have a forest in my front yard to help others remember the first Christmas Tree!

Heart melting kisses


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This morning was overcast. I woke up before the alarm, but ignored the need to get out of bed. I mashed the snooze button twice! Wrapped up and cozy felt tremendous. Hudson crawling into bed with us was the cherry on top. He snuggled down next to me, laid his head on my pillow and kissed my cheek. What more could you ask for? Nothing in my book. What a blessing. Even through the frustrations of not listening, screaming, temper tantrums these moments shine through. Thank You, JESUS for the stunning gift of Hudson in our lives. Thank You for the trust You have in us. I pray we always appreciate this fact. Please shower us with Your Grace & Mercy so we may honor Your Trust.