Saturday, November 21, 2009

Splendiferous Sounds

B.B. King - WOW! He is incredibly talented. Do you think that is an understatement? Probably. I had heard him play, but live is truly amazing. He is full of wit and humor. 84 and full of 'joie de vivre.'

The band amazed also. Whew, trumpet, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, bass guitar, drums and more. Nothing could be added to enrich this sound. What more could you expect from the reigning King of Blues?

Celebrity Theatre was a good venue. All of the seats are within close proximity to a turnabout stage. The aisles were a bit close to one another and I would not recommend this venue for tall people - unless you get in the front row of a section. I thrilled with the intimate setting. Timothy compared it to a theatre on a cruise ship.

Being with my handsome husband made the experience all the sweeter. I have found that great moments are only made better when you share them with the ones you love. Watching Timothy's face while he enjoyed this master guitar player (his favorite instrument) was priceless. What a perfect venue for the mixed up couple we are - enough jazz for my taste and plenty of guitar for the rocker in Timothy.

Thank you, Mom, for letting Hudson crash at your house tonight. Mr. B.B. King did not take the stage until 9:15pm and so Hudson was fast asleep (I think) by the time we left the concert.

Thank you, Tabitha, for the tickets.

Here is a photo from my cell phone. I did not realize they would allow photography or I would have taken my camera....

Sleep well all to sweet sounds.


  1. Very cool! and how nice to have a night out with your husband! Brandon loves BB King as well. xoxo

  2. Amy, I hope you & Brandon can go to a concert some time. You would enjoy it. Mr. B.B. King is very personable and you would get a 'kick' out of his stories. He started telling this story about being married 10 months and an argument he got in with his wife. She was packing to leave and he grabs her by the ankle and starts telling her what a horrible person he is. :o) Then he started singing this song..... 'Nobody loves me, but my Mama and she might be jivin' too'